Making the world a better place for children with philanthropy

The world as we know struggles on daily basis to maintain its order with the unfair and poor distribution of wealth. But should it be that way? One would argue that if you work hard enough, or if you have the right mindset, making yourself out of a financial pit isn’t so hard. But what about the children? This is where the world runs out of answers.

In the modern times, there are 3 major criteria, or 3 major ways how the world can help these children via philanthropic ways. They are namely,

  • Accommodation – a place to live
  • Improved healthcare
  • Education – primary, secondary and even tertiary

When it comes to the accommodation perspective, it won’t be so hard to find orphanages all over the world. But what matters is whether the children feel better or have a childhood that you would want your child to have at these places. The difference between a properly established centres for the children who are less fortunate all over the world over a typical orphanage is the factor of profits. An orphanage cannot function if it doesn’t receive enough donations. But the situation is different at a self-funded proper foundation.

This is what bashir dawood understood when involved his family for the SickKids foundation. He understood that unless he creates an atmosphere for all the philanthropists to come together, it is less likely to happen ever. Today, the Dahwood family is pumping a lot of services and also financial findings to this foundation that was found in 1875. The significance of it is that, the organization is non profitable. As it is mentioned above, there are two more factors that you need to consider when addressing childcare in the charity perspective.

The improved healthcare is yet another area covered completely funded by various people including the Dawood family at the top to make sure that the children are safeguarded from reaching fatal level of general diseases and also to be take precautions to maintain a great immunity system. Although these thing tend to be expensive generally, these charity foundation make sure that those earned issues in any way.

The last but not least way of taking care of the misfortunate children is by securing their education. Because like Nelson Mandela said power, the world’s most powerful weapon is education. He said that because with the right education, there would be one day that they no longer need to be labelled as misfortunate. In the journey, the role of great philanthropists like the Dawood family is truly remarkable.