Safety Tips for Travellers

Exploring destinations through travel can be exciting eye opening experience for many with a few encountering stressful issues relating to safety, security and health on a regular basis. Review of health and safety considerations prior to any travel could be crucial in ensuring a memorable experience is gained as per travel guides and social media and experts.

Following a few basic rules or tips as compiled below can be an avenue to practise in ensuring safety for travellers at all times.

  • Research – Frequent travellers recommend researching information on destination in depth prior to planned timeline at all times. Reviewing information and consulting local expertise is a recommended avenue to progress. Information such as safest neighbourhoods, places to stay, incidents and crimes provides insight into deciding on destinations that would provide the experience expected.
  • Emergency Contact – Obtaining information pertaining to emergency contact, embassy or consulate, police station and local emergency service contact could avoid stressful situations being encountered.
  • Keeping a family member or friend advised at all times is advised irrelevant of the travel timeline if the destination is overseas. Providing a travel itinerary to a few trusted members in keeping tabs on whereabouts could be highly beneficial in the case of unforeseen complications.
  • Travel Medicines and Vaccinations – Medical advice and assistance from a specialty travel vaccination centre Singapore or other country could ensure a healthy and memorable travel timeline avoiding health issues. In the case of a lengthy travel plan, medication and alternates along with vaccination options for emergencies can be outlined and planned prior to travel.
  • Drawing Attention – Individuals who are recognizable as “from out of town” are consistently vulnerable to crime in comparison to individuals choosing inconspicuous attire and are able to mingle with locals. Being discreet while referring maps and approaching locals carefully for direction advice is advised in areas prone to complications. Investing in protective clothing and gear is advised in ensuring personal items and belongings are not stolen. 
  • Copies & Backup of Important Personal Travel Documents – The need for backup documentation can be crucial with travellers encountering losses during travel frequently. Copies of passport, driving license and other forms of identification are requested to be in forms of hard copy and a backup soft copy accessible online is advised as backup in the case of loss.
  • Accommodation & Public Wi-Fi – Though most accommodations are required to providing safe environments for travellers, ensuring personal safety is solely an individual responsibility. Recommendations on locking and dead bolt security on doors and windows or usage of jammers are considered by many travellers of modern times. Usage of VPN’s for internet access during travel also minimises the risk of hackers stealing valuable information.

With the possibility of unforeseen complications arising no matter how prepared an individual can be, taking all possible precautionary measures is recommended in experiencing a memorable travel timeline.