Taking Pakistan to heaps of quality in public healthcare

In any country, the importance of healthcare is vital. It could be either private or public, it is in both occasions. But the thing is that, most people in countries like Pakistan aren’t wealthy enough to spend large amounts of money for their medication. This is why the attention that public healthcare sector gets must be more an more. Because that way, both fortunate and the less fortunate will have a chance to get treated in the best way.

In the process of taking the healthcare of the country to a better level, there are many things that can be done. Usually, the best way is to improve the correctly existing systems. But in the process, running out of space and lack of infrastructure can be critical issues that cannot be resolved easily. But when you go for all new structures, it can be both a new experience and an expansion of the services that are provided in a hospital.

In the philanthropic perspective, taking care of the public healthcare facilities is such a nice gesture that addresses a large number of people it basically means that although the contributors are not expecting anything back, they want a large number of people to be befitted. But almost all these projects do not work unless they are pioneered in a right way.

This is where great people like bashir dawood come into the picture. When recalling the great things that he has done for the Pakistani public healthcare sector, it can be states that the country is quite lucky to have a humanitarian like him. Not only him, his family has always has participated supporting his charity work in the ways that they found important. Since he took the leadership of the country’s most important healthcare improvement projects, the healthcare sector is not at a very high level.

In the list of great work that he has done with the help of a lot other contributors, the new kidney transplant operation theater complex is important. Why? Because it is the first one of the kind of the country and it also is in public healthcare sector. In addition, he pioneered the project that helped the Karachi Aga Khan University Hospital to receive several neurological equipment along with an all new laser suite and so on.

Great responsible personnel like these change the conditions of the countries upside down for good. Acclaiming the good that they is what we should do as a token of appreciation. Because that is the least that we can do.